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Beamish Rl325 - New Buyer Advice...


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Following 12 months of disappointment of buying what ended up being a significantly bodged Montesa 348 off of ebay and having 4 out of 6 comps as DNF, the Mont is now stripped and having a rebuild.

To keep riding I am buying another bike and a very kind owner at the club allowed me to try his Beamish this weekend (try before you buy......) I absolutely loved the bike and the fact that it has finished every comp in the last year and was a dream to start, we have agreed the price (plus the fact that I smacked the rear brake pedal in the very last section on a rock and bent it made me compelled to buy it!)

The bike was almost faultless but I did notice (and the owner confirmed) that under load (bank climb sections, 4 secs on 1/2 revs, 1 and 2nd gear), the engine just starts to bog down. It felt like fuel starvation? The bike has a new Mikuni and the owner was assured it was "standard jetting for a Beamish" so I will check the jetting out but any other things to check out (I was wondering reeds etc).

Also the bike is a silver engine but the rear swing arm did not look full chrome? unlike the rest of the frame (but I was checking this at the end of the comp so it might have been chrome.....).

Any comments/ thoughts appreciated.

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