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Setting A Betas Ignition

beta rider

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I require some advice!

I own a 2004 rev 3 which I have owned since new and have used about 12 times.

While I was out practicing the bike died and I later found it would'nt produce a spark. I've tried all the obvious things like changing the spark plug and checking electrical connections.

I've contacted Lampkin imports and he has sent me a new CDI unit and stator plate to swop with the ones on my bike under warranty.

Having removed the flywheel and changed the stator can anyone gave advice on how to set the ignition timing? I presume it is via the small hole on the fly wheel and stator plate.


A frustrated beta rider.

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There are ways to get it just so, if you can indicate top dead center and measure where the piston is, etc. but the truth is, on these bikes the entire range of timing is useable, and a matter of personal preference.

So if your timing is maxed out in either direction, you won't have a bike that doesn't start or will put holes in the top of the piston. Your power delivery will just be a little softer or faster as you move toward the extremes of adjustment.

As with your mixture screw, there is a very small range of adjustment.

Take a look at your old stator plate, check where it is slightly marred from the hold-down screws, put the new plate on in that position and you'll be fine. :lol:

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