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Carb Maintainence

beta rider

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Whats the best way to maintain my beta carb?

After having taken it off how do I clean it properly and is it necessary to do this every time the bike is used and cleaned?

I always clean the air filter but is it also necessary to clean out the air box. If so how oftern is it necessary to do so?

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The best way to maintain a carb is to keep it clean to start with by regular and careful filter maintenance, especially making sure that the edges of the filter are sealed with grease and the filter is properly oiled.

When you clean the filter, have a good look at the inside of the airbox. If it is clean, then the carb will be clean as well. If it is dirty, then it and the carb need to be cleaned, and you need to figure out why it is dirty so you can prevent it happening again. If you do a good job with the filter, the carb will rarely need cleaning.

To clean a carb properly, you really need to understand what all the parts in it are, what they do and how they do it. In particular, you should know all the passages and jets where air and fuel flow through the carb, so you can make sure they are clean and unobstructed. If you can find some schematics of your carb, it would be helpful. The jets need to be removed to do a proper job. Then you can squirt aerosol carb cleaner through the various circuits to insure they are clear. Make sure the rest of the carb is clean, blow it out with compressed air, and reassemble.

If you drown the bike in water, or if the bike isn't ridden for a long time (like several months or more), the carb will likely need cleaning. Otherwise, if proper filter maintenance is done and the bike is running fine, regular cleaning isn't necessary, though I'm sure others will argue with me on that point. :D

PS I should have known HondaRS would beat me to it if I took too long writing this reply! :lol: Oh well, I'll leave it here anyway, maybe there's something useful in it for you.

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