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Local Youth Rider Comes Of Age

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G2F17041Having turned seventeen years old late last May, the last twelve months have seemed like an eternity for local youth rider Jack Dignan (Beta) who is making his debut at the Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) this week in an entry that is packed with pedigree and World Championship status contenders.

The teenager from Lochaber has dreamed of riding this historic and unique event ever since he was a wee lad and has longed to be a part of something that is rich in his family's blood. Jack's uncle, Kevin Dignan was a SSDT regular over a prolonged period and his father David and his other uncle Simon have also competed in The Scottish in the past too, so there was a certain inevitability about Jack's participation in the 2013 SSDT now that he has come of age.

Placed one hundred and seventh in the overall results after the first two days of competition, Jack is easily distinguishable amongst the international field thanks to his distinctive riding number [123] and was in high spirits about his week thus far having safely returned his 125 Beta to the Parc Ferme yesterday evening. Young Dignan explained how he has now turned from spectator to competitor.

"I think I was about ten years old when I first watched the SSDT properly, but it was a few years later before I got more involved and started to ride trials. However ever since then I have always wanted to ride in the Scottish and now it has come true," said Jack.

"Being a local and having the chance to watch the SSDT every year has been good in some ways, but in other ways it has made the wait to ride seem even longer and harder at times. Since turning seventeen last May it has seemed like a lifetime away, but now it is finally here and I can't explain how much I am looking forward to it," continued the Lochaber ex-youth rider.

"The first two days have been incredible, I have loved every minute of it and even with the rain on Monday it just didn't matter as finally I am here and I am part of the SSDT, what could be better. So far my favourite sections have been Laggan Lochs and Forest Gate, but all of the sections are good and everything about the trial is just great," Jack enthused.

"My aim is just to finish the week, I would like to try and be in the top one hundred and try to win the best Scottish newcomer. I have got the support of my whole family which is great, even my ten year old brother Ben who is a big trials fan managed to get the afternoon off school to come and watch me at Trotters Burn." ended the local teenager.

Jack is currently the second highest placed Scottish newcomer and trails class leader Alan Forrester (Gas Gas) by a mere one mark with three days of competition still remaining.

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