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Setting A Beta Suspension

beta rider

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Can anyone give any guidance about setting my 2004 Rev 3's front and rear suspension?

I'm about 13 stone and have set the front pre load as per the user manual guidance. I've set the front rebound adjustment at 15 clicks which I believe is mid range.

I've set the rear adjustment mid range as well. Does anyone know how much pre load should be in the rear shock spring for my weight?

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Jon Stoodley's article on trials suspension tuning is excellent: http://www.gasgas.com/Pages/Technical/tria...nsion-tips.html

Since I'm quite heavy (17st) I find that the best method is to wind everything up to the max then back off bit by bit until it feels right. Not very scientific but it works for me!

Edit: Seconding what Charlie said: 7.5wt fork oil is the way to go. That 5wt stuff's like water!

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