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Greeves Llf Dimension Requested


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I'd appreciate it if someone could put a caliper on the stanchion tubes of their early or late (banana) leading link fork and tell me the diameter and wall thickness. I have a hazy memory that the banana fork is 1.75" /44.5mm OD but I don't have any notes confirming that. I think the wall thickness was .062"/1.5mm.

I've never had a chance to measure the early 1960s fork so I don't know if the tubing size was the same.

If while you are there you could tell me the size tubing in the link that would be nice.



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Thank you very much for that info! 1.75mm is .068" which sounds like 16g to me (1.5mm as I said above is .059" which would be on the low side of a nominal 1/16" for 16g).

It is nice to know that at least in this case my memory wasn't way off.



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The earliest Greeves banana forks had the brake torque arm pivot point in front of the leg tube, this was quickly changed to the rear of the tube to give a much stronger mounting point, pulling the mounting tube onto the leg of the forks not tearing it away which is possible with the early type fixing.

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