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Guys looking for some sort of official type training in the South Wales area.. If you can point me in direction would be appreciated.. I am aware of project 2000 stuff, just wondering if anything else about..

Done my first event and came last :( so need to knuckle down and stop pottering around lol


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I have entered two dead easy trial meetings know, out of 4 laps of 10, the first meeting i managed to do one lap and on the second meeting i did much better and managed to do two full laps, to me it was 100% improvement and on both occasions i went home with a great big smile on my face so to actually get to the finish is a great achievement for a novice rider, i get most of my advice from a friend who i ride with or from off this site, you can learn a lot from reading through the posts, the most important thing is to have fun, i am thinking of going on a training day at the club i am a member of, it's £20 and i think that is for about 5 or 6 hours, from what i have read most clubs do a similar thing so i would have a look at some local clubs first, £20 is no money at all compared to what you would pay if you went for one of the big names that are advertised, it's the basics you want to learn first, i noticed at some of the trials i have been in or watched that some of the guys who could get over some of the bigger obstacles where dropping points all over the place when it came to the slow riding and balancing techniques.

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Don't worry at all about coming last.

Best way to learn is to find some friends who are just a bit better than you and practice together.

Also best to flag your practice sections, then you can tighten them up as you clean them.

If you don't have much room try the following, circles and figure of 8s in your drive.

Gently run your front wheel straight into a wall, pulling your clutch in as you approach, then tug bike back and turn right and left until you can do it without footing.

Get a plank 6 inch wide, 2 inch thick an 12 to 16 ft long, lay it on the ground and ride along it.

Get a 40 gallon drum and bolt 2 logs or bits of sleeper to it so it does not roll away. Practice riding over it in a tighter circle as possible.

Also practice just running your front wheel onto the top of it then pivot away to left or right on rear wheel.

Ride over the drum and stop the front wheel with the brake when the back wheel is on top of the drum, by pushing on the bars and bouncing the rear suspension swing the rear wheel sideways off the drum whilst holding the front wheel stopped or barely moving.

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