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  1. maxbikes


    There is no points etc on this bike.clutch plates same as mtx 125/200 this bikes has the bottom end of mtx 125/200,when you take of clutch cover you will find holes in crank case where the balance shafts were fitted to mtx.you won't need any other parts as they never go wrong.dont take engine apart never needs touching.
  2. looks lik its had new swingarm made up.i had one of these many years ago,i changed the swingarm as well.it would have had 2 chains and 4 sprockets fitted to keep straight line from engine to rear sprockets.
  3. this will be float valve sticking,or has bit of muck stopping it closing.if any one says adjust float DONT,this just masks the problem.
  4. maxbikes

    Tlr Brake Shoes

    the 200 and 250 are different in many ways,the hubs, forks,tank,seat,side panels,exhaust.all very different.
  5. steve saunders near cheltnam does training days,thats not that far from you.really nice guy,he will help you.my lad did a day out with him few years ago helped him gain confidence.
  6. was the ty250 engine based on the air cooled yz250?so it may need less work fiting your engine in a ty.
  7. any photos?the standard tl125 was bored to 150 very common.but 180 was possibly the 185 xl,nearly straight fit in,just grind out bit of frame near kick start lump.
  8. if you use that diagram you will burn out the cdi unit.dont know why I bother giving out advise.i only give advise if I know the correct answer.i wont bother again.
  9. forgot,the coil from cdi,this is where you tee off.
  10. STOP.only 1 wire that goes to cdi needed from altermator.others not needed don't join together,just snip off. pulse wires go to cdi. to turn off engine tee into black white wire,this is then earthed to frame through switch to turn off.
  11. bit late now.but if you had just started bike,push with legs upto 3 mph,pull In clutch put in gear ride along in second hit rear brake clutch now fixed. never empty fluid,if replacing fluid use tissue to empty master put in new fluid then pump through until clean comes out. right now to fix problem,loosen master cylinder bolt with fluid in reservoir 1 pump on lever tighten bolt repeat this will bleed master cylinder.now to bleed other end.pump lever 3 times hold lever in loosen nipple and tighten while lever in.repeat until bleed.sorted.now do first thing I said.you dont need to strip clutch change oil in gearbox every 3 trials using good oil,i would use mobile one oil.if any one comes on and says other wise don't listen,im a motorcycle mechanic..
  12. the Yamaha engine is good reliable engine.when you say get a cbt unless you past your test you can only ride a 125cc bike.costs about £500 to do test now a days. a 125cc bike will do any thing.so perhaps a better buy.
  13. naughty,but doable,frame number from v5 stamp on your frame,apply for engine number change after a few months.but frame you buy will have to lose its number.
  14. you will have plenty of fuel in tank so don't need to top up,but if you do just pop back to car. yes do what ever between sections,but remember the observer is waiting for you to finnish trial so they can go home,so don't mess about to much. rub against tree is ok,but if taken the mickey leaning on tree is like a dab. if you fancy a sarnie or drink pop back to car for couple of mins. 1st trial you will feel a fool having dabs in silly places also falling of for no reason,dont worry 99% of riders will help you,just ask a fellow rider what gear to use and best way through section,they will all help you. trials riders are very friendly,once you have done 1st lap you will enjoy yourself and get better every lap done. pick the most easy route when talking to people signing on,then move up when your ready after few trials. if your last don't worry,we have all been there. enjoy yourself.
  15. its the crankcase seals sucking in air.most likely mag side.
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