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  1. My garage was broken into last night they took the following KTM 690 Enduro (LK10FVG) Beta Rev 3 (2004) silver and red with Steve Saunders graphics Single bike trailer galvanized frame with black plywood deck Kona Blast mountain bike. Black frame with white forks. KTM 690 Enduro, the E not the R model. 2010 model registered July 2010 Chassis No: VBKLES405SM733254 Engine No: 0076547682 Beta Rev 3 2004 model registered Nov 2003 Chassis No: ZD3B9000030009052 Engine No: ZD3B9T401222
  2. Thanks Huski Bike is at a dealer so I dont think I will be able to get a run down on the history unless he has receipts. I might take a chill pill and keep the Beta for a bit longer and maybe get a 2013/14 bike at the end of year. But if I do go forward I will take note of your advice. cheers
  3. Hi Seen a 2010 TXT 250 for sale near me, I wasn't planning on changing my bike just yet but it seems really clean. Any comments on this bike, is it OK for a novice who is moving off the total novice mark to the not so novice point ? Any issues I should look out for? cheers Pete
  4. petecam

    Rev3 Wont Idle

    I had the same thing, turned the fuel air screw (not by much) and its been great since. Warm the bike up. Mark where it is with paint. Then moved 1/4 in/out until it ran clean. Then adjusted the tickover.
  5. Hello fellow Suffolk person! I also have a Rev 3 my rear Fender could do with a refresh as well, I was considering spraying mine black and then covering it with that clear stone chip protector but I guess black covering could also be an option. Will be interesting to hear what others say.
  6. No I absolutely agree, manners cost nothing, but not having yet done a trial I was wondering what the etiquette was!
  7. Stupid question but do you thank the observers at each section as you go around or at the end of the day? (I've yet to compete) Cheers
  8. Hi I was practicing my turns yesterday. When negotiating a full lock or tight turn should I be giving it any back brake? I am doing this as it seems to steady the bike but reading elsewhere it seems that pushing the brake might mean my foot is in the wrong position. Comments appreciated. Thanks Pete
  9. Morning OK some questions if I may? I’m hopefully doing my 1st trial in Feb so wanted to check some things. When in a section does leaning against a tree with my body or bike count as a dab? Is there normally a fuel area like at an Enduro or can you just go back to your car and fill up when required. In between sections are you free to stop/get off repair bike/eat/sleep or whatever? What do you do about food and water, I see trials riders don’t carry a rucksack with their provisions? Thanks and sorry for what might seem like simple questions! Pete
  10. Morning I've been out on my push bike a few times and been holding the brakes with one finger to get used to it. Spent the day practicing yesterday on the Beta and worked hard on only using one finger for the brake and clutch, for the most part it worked, it was only right at the end of the day when I was tired I found myself pulling the clutch with my hand. Thanks for the tips all. Pete
  11. A question that come up on trail riding forums a lot is: 2 stroke or 4 stroke? I'm new to trials so I was wondering if you get that one much? Although I do appreciate there doesn't seem to be a massive choice of 4 stroke trials bikes!
  12. What is the best bike? Just wondered like :-)
  13. They don't make a detachable flange towbar (which is a newish product) for my car as its a Saab and Saab is no more. So my options were retro fit a flange fixed towbar or try the adaptor in my orignial post. I dont really want to get rid of the detachable bar as the wife moans about getting her dress dirty on the towbar :-) So I emailed the suppler of the adaptor and it's rated up to 100kg, so I have ordered one and will give it a try. I will update the post and let you know how I get on! cheers Pete
  14. Jamo: They dont make the "Flange Detachable" type for my car which is a shame as that is a perfect solution. I might have to just buy the no detach flange towbar and fit! Joen: Yes it's a lot of pressure on one ball point, I was wondering if it would twist as well!
  15. Hi I have a Witter detachable swan neck towbar on my car. I wanted to fit a bike rack but they all only seem to fit on fixed towbars. However I found this adaptor on EBAY http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bak-rak-Swan-Neck-Towbar-to-Flange-Adaptor-/181192074209?pt=UK_Car_Accessories_Touring_Travel&hash=item2a2fe3a3e1 Anyone used one or would think this would be OK? Thanks Pete
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