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  1. Its an old trailer though isnt it...
  2. It looks as if the Gaerne balance oiled is the ultimate trials boot? Am I right in thinking that?
  3. Ajybody know of a few places in Wales I could try some boots on in? Preferably, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion or Swansea areas. Willing to travel a bit further to see a good selection.
  4. Thanks guys. These boots arent new though, they are pretty well broken in I'd say. I might try removing that plastic strip down the back of the boot.
  5. Thanks. I'll give it a go
  6. Thanks bilks. Ill try that. The carb has been off, stripped and cleaned and refitted. I'll try the adjustment screws now that I know what does what.
  7. I dont think the boots are too loose, I bought a size smaller than I usually wear and make sure I have them on tight. Yeah thats what I'm thinking, I'll have to see what I can find.
  8. superdafz

    Rev3 Wont Idle

    Hi guys , looking for some advice. Ive just bought an 06 rev3 200cc and on my first proper ride I noticed it wont idle properly. If you give it a blip every now and then, its ok. The problem comes when youre not able to gove it the blip. I was coming down a hill and concentrating on staying on the bike and it died. Anybody experienced this? Any suggested jetting?
  9. Hi guys, looking for some advice. Im new to riding and having a struggle with my boots. I have some Novogah boots which have a stiffening/protection strip running down the back, this ends just above my heel and during 2 hours riding yesterday I managed to chafe the skin off the backs of the ankles quite badly. Any solution? I was thinking about a piece of mudflap material or something but I would imagine I'd get some more sensible suggestions on here. Thanks in advance guys.
  10. How do? Im a bit further down the road near Carmarthen. Also just bought an 06 rev3 200 for a giggle. Enjoy.
  11. Thanks all. I had found the storm website and theres some very nice kits there but I cant really justify spending the cash on it at the mo. Hadnt realised that the decals were quite that much.
  12. Jimmyl thats awesome. Definately going to try and get down for a bit. I have a christening late afternoon that may mess things up a little but thanks for the contact anyway
  13. Hi guys. As per title, what are my choices when it comes to sticker kits for the Beta Rev3? Ive seen the S3 range but cant seem to find anything else and at
  14. Hi. Im Dafydd. From west wales and recently had a funny 5 minutes and bought a 2006 Beta Rev3 200. The only bike Ive ever owned is a cheap chinese pitbike so its all a bit new to me except for the odd spin on friends MX bikes. The Beta was unabused but neglected really, in nice condition but i've spent a fair bit getting it up to the standard it should be at. Even little things i didn't like gave been replaced for new parts with some upgrades. Anybody in Carmarthenshire or Ceredigion on here? So now that its all up and ready its time to give it some abuse probably mainly in falling off it all the time!
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