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Drills For Beginner On Non Trials Bike


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dandabs, lots of good points raised already. a lot of guys in my club ride dirt and have been adapting the trials techniques to our enduro bikes. there's a list of written and video tutorials here: http://www.wdtc.org.au/cross-training-enduro/cross-training-enduro-techniques.htm

at first balancing on the 250EXC seemed next to impossible but with practice it's not much harder than the trials bike now. it's been awesome going down a steep snotty hill to just balance at a stop before a big drop off, choose a line then go again.

this is the balancing vid. i should say i'm not qualified in any of this stuff but it's been based on stuff gleaned from graham jarvis and other extreme enduro riders, and added to stuff our state junior trials champion is teaching us. he's also the national endurocross champion and appears in most of the vids and knows his stuff!

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