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  1. I bought a 75 spring for my Reiger and its good but I'll sell that and replace with the 85kg.
  2. Thanks Crazybond. Also found Cannon Springs in Oklahoma, seems like they may have something that works too.
  3. Guys any links to vendors that sell these heavy duty springs? I am, 230 lbs and would like to get a stiffer spring for my 2014 280 Racing (if it's only rated for 70kg)
  4. Hey Guys anybody have links to vendors that sell these heavier springs for a 2014 GG 280 Racing? Appreciate any help.
  5. Just bought a pair of Jitsie gloves this weekend and they are seriously sweet!
  6. Hey all- Every shirt I wear ends up weighing 10 lbs full of sweat on these hot summer days. Anyone got a recommendation for a shirt that stays dry (er)? Thought maybe something like Under Armour or something like that-not sure. I try to avoid the 100% cotton, but even the 50-50 shirts aren't immune to getting soaked and heavy. Thanks all.
  7. Hey guys it seems like a never ending journey to fix this leak. I removed the radiator and brought it to the shop. The guy at the shop recommended that I take off the fan so he could pressure test it. Can I just take the fan motor off with the 3 allen screws or do I need to take the entire thing off by drilling out the rivets and re riveting to reassemble?
  8. dandabs

    Removing Radiator

    Luckily I didn't have to remove the head. I am not looking forward to putting this thing back on.
  9. I have a leak in my radiator and need to take it to a shop to get it fixed. I have never removed the radiator before, and I'm looking for some advice so I don't mess anything up. I need to drain it and remove the hoses and remove the nuts in the front of it. Anything else that needs to be pulled off? Fan?
  10. Verify where they work by simply asking them where they work and then call them there. Google the place, etc. No one honest is going to be offended or care that you're just protecting yourself.
  11. Thanks Five, picked em up today
  12. Biff do you by chance know what size those silencer rivets are?
  13. Guys so I drill out the rivets and replace with new ones, is that right? Just a rivet tool from Lowes or HD will do the trick?
  14. Good advice on the repack guys, will do. Got it welded and the guy did a good job. 25 bones.
  15. dandabs

    S3 Decals?

    Hi guys- I wanted to freshen up my 2009 GG and get some new decals. I see that S3 makes some. Web searches don't bring me pics of the bikes with them on. Has anyone seen these? Any pics you could share? Thanks!
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