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Hi To All


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Just a quick Hi to all members.

No doubt i will be picking all your brains for advise etc due to me being new to all this.

I have just purchased a 2002 Sherco 290 after being away from the motor bike scene for some time (used to do motrocross).

I live in the whitley bay(Newcastle) area.

My 14 year old son is keen to learn and join in the fun.

Would appreciate any info on clubs or places to go for beginners.

Just 1 question ,,,, do all sherco clutches not work when cold?

cheers :-)

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You bought a great bike.

The '02 had higher gearing than other years. I know an excellent rider who loves it and rides it successfully, but many like the lower gearing.

Dropping a tooth from the countershaft sprocket makes it like the other models.

I THINK 10 teeth is stock.

Also...many wet clutches stick when cold.

You can put the bike in gear and rock it before starting, or, after starting, give yourself a shove to get rolling and ease it into gear.

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I run Belray oil and change it about every 15 rides,usually the clutch starts to stick when it's getting tired.Normally on start up i run for about 2/3 mins before riding and work the clutch in and out afew times ,it will stick for about 10 seconds thats all,a good rev when warm will free it.

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