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So I've been working on learning as much as I can as fast as I can. Its actually been going a lot better than I thought. I can balance about 50% of the time. My clutch control and throttle control are 4x what it used to be. One think Im still having problems with is timing. Such as loading the suspension and letting out the clutch to lunch the bike. I've been working on small bunny hoops to help this. One on thing that I'm having problems with and always have even on the bigger bike is remembering to cover the break during a wheelie. I really want to use the wheelie to help find that rear glance point. One other thing i've learned is a rear wheel pivot! kind of fun actually.

Any advice on what else might make things better. I've been riding an hour each day when I can. But its getting cold here soon so the riding season is going to be cut short here soon.

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I do low height front wheel ups by clutch "sort of" consistent now. If the trials planets align I can static... then turn bars straight and pull front up from static. Much more practice needed doing this to be consistent ... I'll get there. Teaches front up clutch control real "quick"! Hehehehe

I tried a few higher which forces you to cover brake, least you flip it and run behind bike til it drops back down.... ask me how I know that! Hehehehehe

A little tip... I remove the tail section when practicing higher lifts! If you miss time the application of brake... you flip and run behind bike, the mega dollar tail piece is not broken or bent, ending up with bruised plastic or elongated holes at rear attachment points... if it goes over too far and touches ground!

Practice high ones for 20 mins and bolt tail back on... resume normal practice!


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