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Cycle Trials


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Hi all,

I'm wanting to put some more practice into my balance etc and I'm thinking about getting a trials bicycle because during the week i struggle getting out and about on my trials bike (motorbike) as i have to load the bike on my van and drive 30-40 mins to my practice area.

I've had a quick look and wondering if anybody had any good pointers etc and what size wheel bike to get as there are three sizes and i am 6ft 2".

I know its abit off topic compared to other posts but if anybody could help me it would be much appreciated!


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I get out more on the onza than the mont these days, helps keep some bike fitness going. The small wheeled and big wheeled bikes ride differently, the small wheeled are more about hopping up everything, whereas the big wheels tend to work more like your mont, by rolling and riding up things. The big wheels will probably suit your size more tho.

When you crash on these, it happens very very quickly, there isn't any time to bail off you just find yourself on the deck picking gravel out of your face.

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