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How Do You Get Oil Into Your Gas Gas ?


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Duh..... :stupid: I feel like "The Dork of the Month" now..... I see the little "S" dealie below the "Font" box..... Thanks, Lineaway! You've bailed me out yet another time here! :thumbup::icon_salut:

Back on topic, I guess I over thought my setup. I have a little funnel, stolen from my camping equipment (used to fill up my gas lantern & cook stove with it). I have a short piece of fuel line on the pointy end of the funnel, and then a section of bendable 5/16" brake line stuffed in the other end of the fuel line. The end of this brake line fits in the small hole where the oil goes in. The funnel has a little tang on it with a hole in that tang. I run a piece of wire through the funnel's tang, and then hook the other end of that wire to my exhaust guard. This all stays in place very well as I still overfill the goofy thing anyways...... :rolleyes:


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