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  1. Heather, are the turns you're doing pretty much on muddy soil, or in rocks, or somewhat of a mix? Jimmie
  2. I find that offering them a handsome cash reward for a "clean" on their section helps break the ice...... Until they realize what a cheap schmoo I actually am..... Jimmie
  3. Agree with Dick & Bashplate. I wear progressive, or lineless bifocals for work (safety lenses) & my "fashion" (street) glasses. Personally, I think the progressives kinda suck for most everything, especially my "narrow" street glasses. I liked my old fashioned bifocals better, for everyday use, driving, & etc.. But the light (titanium framed) pair I have for riding is a prescription for focusing farther away the end of my arms, out to infinity. This works out much better for riding. When I do wear my progressive/lineless bifocals while riding, there will always be some point where my head is tipped wrong, and I'll have to try and focus through blurry bifocals at something 15 ft. away...... Jimmie Added in EDIT: Do you guys with contact lenses ever have any problems with dust? Not that often we get to ride in dust here in western OR (kinda like Britain, from what I understand), but we do have 2 months of summer some years..... Also, do contact lenses work for folks with astigmatism & nearsighted probs?
  4. I do indeed like the chest mount view you have as a viewer watching your videos, The Addict & MIchaelT! Nice!!! Another view I personally like from when I rode mx was with my old GoPro on a flat plastic mount that I zip-tied to the lower chin bar part of my full face helmet. That gives a nice "Rider's Eye View" as well. You won't see quite as much of the rider's "inputs" (hands, forearms, & etc.) as with the chest mount, however. Nice skill, and a nice riding area! Didn't take me long to figure out why it's called the "Dishes"....... Jimmie Glenn (axulsuv), GoPros are heaps & heaps of fun! I have what I think is the least expensive version they ever offered, the old model 960. It was given to me as a gift from my wife a long while ago. Video aside, they take some very, very cool still shots as well. The "fisheye/wide angle" lens deal adds a really cool effect to certain shots. Go somewhere with tall trees, or tall buildings, point the camera straight up, and it gives a really neat perspective. I did this while in the canyon at Zion National Park; really neat pics from that little camera while pointing up in that very narrow canyon! I stood on a sidewalk in downtown Portland one day and took a neat photo of one of the streetcar/train cars (MAX_Metropolitan Area eXpress....) from about 10 feet away. The camera made it appear to bend around me like a horseshoe. They're a hoot!
  5. Heather, One thing that I learned, but still struggle to do, is this: Pick your spot where you want to stop & balance well ahead of where you are as you are slowing down. Begin slowing VERY GRADUALLY. The transition from moving to stopping is tough for us folks learning this sport; it's a little easier if you slow very gradually, then stop with as little front end dive as possible. Stopping quickly seems to make the transition much less "fluid". And the advice from 0007 to simply ride slowly is very good advice....... Now, if only I can take this advice, and simply learn to "Ride Slowly!!" to begin with. I pretty much "motocrossed" my sections at today's trial, and my crummy scores reflected that. Learning to ride slowly, or while not moving, is tougher than I'd figured it would be...... Jimmie
  6. Okay, I can deal with the hula skirt...... But please, no coconuts! Damn, he can ride really good!!!! Jimmie
  7. Will it be in Sandy, Oregon this year?????
  8. Man, that looks like a GREAT place to ride, Brian! I envy ya...... Jimmie
  9. Was the slo-mo a function of the GoPro, or your editing software? I have an old GoPro model 960, and wouldn't have a clue what setting to use for slow motion..... Jimmie
  10. It (being overweight) ain't workin' out too well for me personally...... I have dropped about 20-25 lbs., and still need/want to lose another 10-15 lbs.. Riding seems easier not carting around the extra tonnage. It's easier to move around on the bike...... Jimmie
  11. I really like this video, devo8! Good job on both the riding in it, and the editing/slo mo effect. Jimmie
  12. This is a good thread & discussion! Man, Lineaway, that guy (Albert Cabestany?) in the video you linked to got some MAJOR lift of the rear wheel in that Zap. I also liked how you could see his clutch hand working when he double blpped the second & third efforts shown in the vid. You could also observe how his rear wheel seemed to stay more "hooked up" to that rock with his second double blip than it did with his first attempt. My efforts usually have the back wheel slamming into the wall or rock face too hard, rebounding back instead of hooking up or going up, and then the aforementioned nut crushage....... I still have a the most horrible time slipping & dumping the clutch at the correct time & amount for either of these techniques. Anyone know any good practice drills to learn this clutch slip/dump deal? Jimmie
  13. Ahhh, the thread is somewhat aged, and the rider even more so, hee hee.... Which stump are you talking about, tahoebrian5? I have a "plethora" of stumps on my little 2+ acre chunk 'o' dirt....... I have some that I can clear, and more than a few I can't get over....... Jimmie
  14. My 2010 280 Pro has proven to be a real pile of junk. It has needed the grips replaced, TWICE, and is always needing the fuel in the tank replenished. The chain constantly needs oiling, and the air filter seems to frequently need attention. I always have to check the air in the tires, it seems. The stupid thing always starts easily & runs well. Because of that, I've ran out of good excuses for not finishing better in the Intermediate class at my local trial comps. This bike is really beginning to p*** me off....... I only wish it were heavier & therefore more reliable..... I absolutely hate being able to buy parts for a bike when they need them, also..... Shoulda bought a Scorpa 4-stroke....... Jimmie
  15. Duh..... I feel like "The Dork of the Month" now..... I see the little "S" dealie below the "Font" box..... Thanks, Lineaway! You've bailed me out yet another time here! Back on topic, I guess I over thought my setup. I have a little funnel, stolen from my camping equipment (used to fill up my gas lantern & cook stove with it). I have a short piece of fuel line on the pointy end of the funnel, and then a section of bendable 5/16" brake line stuffed in the other end of the fuel line. The end of this brake line fits in the small hole where the oil goes in. The funnel has a little tang on it with a hole in that tang. I run a piece of wire through the funnel's tang, and then hook the other end of that wire to my exhaust guard. This all stays in place very well as I still overfill the goofy thing anyways...... Jimmie
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