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  1. She wants to start, she rides my sherco 250 round the farm but needs to get the hang of gears and general bike riding she’s good on her mountain bike I was thinking of getting her a cheap motorcross bike or a pit bike so she can sit down and learn the basics, or do I go straight for a 125 trials bike? advice please
  2. is the indoor trials this weekend on TV anywhere?
  3. arw

    Sherco 250 2011, Unused

    just to drag this thread back up. still riding the 2011 250, had a go on a 2016 250 and bugger me the suspension was 90% better than mine, what a bike! So, how is the best way to change the front fork oil? it seems to have alot of sag. I stripped the rear shock a last week and gave it a good service, am I right in thinking rear shocks need servicing? any tips appreciated
  4. yes i imagined starting it and it sounding like a 4 stroke twinshock. trialled it today and it runs like a dream!
  5. i didnt make a hill climb and the bike fell on the throttle side, revved flat out and slid to the bottom, by the time i got to it it had stopped. let it cool down and the engine was free but not much compression. stripped it down, very little damage, engine had nipped at one side an a slight covering of metal over the rings where it had nipped, bore was fine, so glaze busted the bore, cleaned up the piston and re-rung it, started first kick!
  6. so.... seized my 2011 250 today. wheres the best/cheapest place to buy the parts, splat shop seem to have a huge markup on parts, a single piston ring for £23! i can buy a full set for my leyland tractor for that!
  7. oh yes i love to chat to the observer and normally thank them prefusely on the last lap. i just cant ride/show off infront of a crowd!
  8. how do you other riders get over this fear? i find myself practising sections and riding well, put an observer there with their stern look, clipboard and flask and i instantly drop a mark and loose my nerve! i seem to have a sub concious that makes me to aware of my actions in front of a crowd, yet put me infront of 3 of my trials friends and im a level better and full of confidence! how can i overcome this?
  9. arw

    Sherco 250 2011, Unused

    abit of an update... i have fitted an inline tap, adjusted the float and cleaned the needle, stripped the pump and given that a good clean. ive got one inline filter in the system but it cracked today for no reason so il have to ride tmoro without. it does the odd backfire when starting but starts and runs cleaner now ive adjusted the float. i cleaned up the pistons in the front caliper as they were caked in crap and bled the brakes through. my 04 never needed all this, just tip petrol in (and all over it) and gooooooo!!!!
  10. arw

    Sherco 250 2011, Unused

    its a white frame, plastics say 2011? it is terrible. sometimes if you leave it ten minutes and try and kick it off itl hardy turn over and you have to take the spark plug out and the cylinder is full to the brim with petrol! i think the pump is leaking internally to fill up the bike like that. its a general bad starter, you have to open the throttle right up to kick it off when its warm, then it needs cleaning out and runs like a tractor. it doesnt have a tap and i havnt got round to putting one in yet. this weeks job. lastest problem is the front brake sticking, looked a fool today at the trial falling off constantly. give me back my old bomproof 04 290
  11. arw

    Sherco 250 2011, Unused

    this bike does not have a fuel tap! ive looked and looked and looked! It floods sometimes when not running, could the float be sticking in the carb, not had time to clean it yet. any other solutions?
  12. anybody else get a cold clutch finger when riding? my front brake finger doesn't have the same problem! ive been trying to think of a something to keep my finger warm? or and exercise for that finger? maybe involve the girlfriend! lol
  13. Hello all, just bought a 2011 sherco 250, its only ridden a few trials otherwise its be stored in a garage and started from time to time. apparently its only done 3 trials! and its like new! anyway, was there a mod to stop it flooding during transport, I was warned it can flood because you cannot turn the fuel off, and it was a bugger to start when I got home. and what the hell is map 1 and map 2 on the handle bars? thanks
  14. in theory I could afford a year old bike but I don't want to spend the money! I need to change soonish and get rid of the 04 before it wears out an costs me a lot of money. ridden newish gas gas and I liked them but preferred my sherco (which I would after 10 years) ridden a 09 sherco and it felt very similar. il have to have a go on a newer sherco to make a decision. what are gas gas like for reliability?
  15. ive got a 2004 sherco 290, ive had it for nearly 10 years and riden it on/off but this last year ive been trialing harder and competing at a higher level, its been a fantastic bike and had hardly let me down but I would like to upgrade to something abit newer and lighter before mine starts to let me down on trials. looked at a few 09/10 plate models but the frame seems extremely similar so if got one would I actually be much better off? 2011 onwards looks a more competitive bike. I also like the feel of a gas gas, what cc would I bet better off with if im used a 290? is a 300 and animal or would I prefer a 280?
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