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Cleaning A Rev3 Airbox

beta rider

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i've noticed the inside of my 04 rev 3's airbox seems to have some of the filter oil caught in the bottom. I think this is as a result of washing the bike (with a hose pipe) and water running down the petrol tank and into the airbox (and washing some of the filter oil from the element).

I'm going to remove the airbox and carb to clean them both. Is its necessary to remove the rear wheel and rear part of the silencer to take the airbox out? It appears very difficult otherwise.

Also I bought the bike new and Lampkins had installed silcone sealant near to where the front of the airbox meets the frame. I presume this stops mud etc from spraying onto the airbox. This seal however does seem to stop any water draining away from the airbox when the bike is being washed and hence finding its way inside. Does anyone ever remove it and is it relly necessary?

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I think the sealant may be added at the factory. I'm sure they wouldn't do it if it was not "really necessary". As you say, it is to stop water getting into the airbox..if it wasn't there, there would be alot greater chance of it entering!

Personally i never use hosepipes/pressure washers to clean my bike. I have found water in the bottom of the box once, but that was after a trial with frequent river crossings, not after washing the bike.

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I think you will find that what is at the bottom of your air box is just filter oil . Over a period of time the filter oil soaks to the bottom of the filter foam and drips off, especial;ly if you were very liberal in applying it in the first place! It probably has nothing to do with water getting in. I wouldn't remove the air box if you don't need to. The sealant is there for exactly what you suggest, so if you do take the air box off you must replace the sealant in the critical places. I suspect though it is currently doing it's job so why fix it if it aint broke!


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I use some spray on filter oil which I accidentally bought online from motorex, it is very good as it dries semi liquid and so doesn't run off and you can tell when anough has been applied as the stuff has a strong blue colour, I have had no problems with much or water in my carb or airbox, has anybody used this stuff before, it lasts ages!

However it would be useful to get some instruction about how to remove the airbox, I considered removing the whole rear subframe thingy as I hadn't a clue.


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