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Amal Specifications For A Monoblock #376


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My elderly Bultaco ( Model 21-Campera)uses a Amal Monoblock #376 25. The "25" apparently refers to the diameter of the throat. I was told that the carburetor and manifold came off of a Mercurio. I want to buy a new replacement and the only source that I can find right now is the OEM...Amal or Hitchcocks. Hitchcocks apparently specializes in older British four strokes and Royal Enfields. I have had no luck looking around the internet for the original specs of this carburetor.

First of all, can anyone supply me with the information that I would need to order such a carb. For example, I have carefully examined the needle on my old carburetor and I can find no markings...same with the slide. What exactly should I order? I know that four stroke Amals must differ from the two stroke units. I can work out the idle jet and the main jets...I'll probably just use the ones from my old carburetor.

Any suggestions for alternate suppliers? I am not looking for any savings....I just want to get the right pieces and I would prefer to buy my stuff from someone who knows exactly what they are doing...

Thanks in advance



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Thanks for the response...Paul....but that is a later model carburetor...and unfortunately the slide is NLA...but it is the wrong carb anyhow. I would like to keep the Monobloc but I would use a Concentric if I could use my screw-on airfilter. That is my main interest. I want to keep the original look of the manifold...carburetor...air cleaner which just looks so right on the Bultaco street bikes. Right now I am using a Mikuni which works really well but the aesthetics leave a lot to be desired with a foam sock airfilter hanging off of the back of the carburetor..



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You can try Orlando Calonder in Switzerland, he was the main Importer for Bultaco on the European continent, published some translated Bultaco books, is founder of the Swiss Bultaco Club and has still a big inventory of parts for all Bultaco models not just trials motorcycles thus including street, enduro and MX bikes too. He is still in business. His web site http://www.orlandocalondersa.com/. A little bit old fashioned, the easiest way to get in contact with him is by phone or by letter!

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