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Maritime Trials Riders Year End


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Hi All,

Just wanted to thank everyone that came out and supported trials riding in 2014. Special thanks goes to NSORRA, WTC, RPM Cycle, Beta Atlantic, NSDSC, The Outdoor Show, Jonathan English and all the riders that made the year a ton of fun.

We had a great turnout for the outdoor show this year and I think the head to head competitions were a hit with both the riders and the thousands of spectators. Every year we have put on a different type of show and have a bunch of fun during these 3 day indoor events. Now we just need to dream up something for 2015.

The training day with Jonathan English was sold out early and for good reason. Just watching a pro level rider up close is a treat but having him jump on your bike and demonstrate the fact that the bike isn't the issue really helps motivate you . Truly Jonathan is a super nice guy and is a real confidence booster no matter what your riding ability is.

Eric put on his first event this year and I was disappointed I wasn't able to attend but from all reports it was a great day with some tough challenges for everyone.

The Drive to Ride at Miller Meadow had a great turnout and the new rock and tire sections were a big hit (in more ways than one). NSORRA has been a huge boost to Trials riding in NS and it is great to be part of this annual membership drive.

Kevin held his second annual event this year with a totally new venue, in a rock quarry. It is surprising but to date we have had limited rock experience so the new venue had some fantastic challenges in store. It was also really cool that there was fairly large spectator turn out... nothing like a little extra pressure

All in all it was a great year and we saw 5 or 6 new riders join our ranks. I currently have 42 people on my email list to get the trials updates with respect to upcoming events and any local trials news. If you are interested in being added please let me know.

I am in the process of putting together the 2015 schedule and looking forward to another great year of Trials riding in the Maritimes.



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