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Alexandre Ferrer In Canada

derek t

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Really exciting news for trials riders in Canada and north eastern US. The CMA has secured the services of the amazing Alexandre Ferrer and his minder, Mederic Delannoy.

Ferrer will be in eastern Canada, sharing his knowledge of solid basic, modern techniques, as well as the skills that have made him one the best riders in the sport today.

More information on the CMA website. If you wish to participate in this fantastic opportunity contact the CMA head office, before March 10, 2015.


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Response to the Ferrer schools has been tremendous. I would like to encourage all riders interested, regardless of where you live in Canada. This will assist us in continuing on with rider enhancement programs, for the future.

The CMA has a long history of supporting National and International competition. After many years of sending our top 4 riders to the TdN, year after year, it seemed logical to try and expose a greater number of riders to world class trials skills, as we continue to build better sport in Canada.

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The deadline is fast approaching, to participate in these fantastic schools. Dates and locations available, on the CMA website. www.canmocycle.ca

Both CMA and AMA licenses are welcome to participate in these international training sessions.

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