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  1. Freedoo, please post a photo of your new G2/ JGas when it arrives. I am still riding my '16, 280 and loving the bike. I too have ordered parts directly from the factory and had the parts at my door in Canada, less than 5 days after payment. I find communication with the factory very brief and in a small trials market like Canada part for JGas with an online system like this. is easier and more reliable than trying to go to my Honda dealer in the next city, where they sold Montesa's for 3 years and trying to get the part you need, for a Cota 4RT. I would still prefer a Trials specific importer and bikes and parts in the country, but this has been their work around for not having a world wide distribution network and it is working for me at this time. I am actually in the market for a 125 for my lad and JGas is on the short list, along with Vertigo and Gas Gas. We will need to make a decision soon, so I am curious to your import experience and impressions of the 2021 G2. Feliz conducion
  2. I am not overly concerned with riders dropping down, or moving up at will, but it could be problematic if a rider of Cabestany's pedigree can't find a ride in GP and is forced to move down to continue his career. I had never thought of a promotion, relegation system, but an interesting concept. If a rider can't beat Ferrer, Gubian, Gratarola, they likely won't make an impact in GP. I like the idea of experienced riders, creating a competitive class for the up and coming riders. I don't like the idea that sponsors and manufacturers, may keep their money with experienced big name riders rather than develop a wider swath of young riders.
  3. I think a few guys with trials bikes still have the odd ride out at Rennie. Our Sask. club had a trials in Russell a few years back with help from a local trials riding family. Organized events in Saskatchewan to the west and Thunder Bay, to the east.
  4. The factory was in Girona when I was there. 10 minutes up the mountain from Gas Gas. If there has been a sale, or move of location to Italy they certainly didn't elude to it. The bikes that were assembled were going to Italy and they had the prototype 2018 ready to go )for testing) along with the electric bike and the enduro.
  5. The Factory definitely has a stock of parts. I have been dealing with the factory directly for the past two years.
  6. I would definitely buy JGas again. Not sure how they solve their image problem. Possibly a small presence at the World Championships, even a GP 125 rider, (Or ambush the internet with a Busto signing). They need to have a few solid markets, with good support networks to get them back on everyone's radar. When I was buying my '16, I had more than a few people tell me to buy TRS as JotaGas was going out of business and TRS is near the same bike. I stayed the road and love every minute of riding the JGas. TRS has definitely built a solid support network and have moved near the top of sales in some countries. my tour and test at the JotaGas factory, confirmed their dedication to developing and making these bikes ultra competitive. Hopefully they can put the rest of the marketing package together now.
  7. Has JotaGas been black listed? They are at EICMA and have an interesting line up of machines, with several trials models, but I am not seeing any coverage of their 2018 product line up. The only images I have seen has been through facebook.
  8. I don't believe there are any public pictures yet. I was able to see it at the beginning of June, while at the factory. I would say that particular 2018 prototype was a day away from fully functional. I tested the 2017 and one prototype, non trials model. Pictures were not discouraged, but I swore nothing would end up on the web, before the factory released theirs.
  9. There is a 2018 and it looks the part. There are changes and improvements over the 2017. IMO the JotaGas standard model for 2017 works as well as the factory models from other manufacturers, although I did spring for the extras on my '16.
  10. I thought I saw a picture of the 2017 as well and I agree it was smashing. I need to get more time on my 2016, before I start shopping the 2017
  11. I've been struggling with my brand new 2016, 280 clutch. I am not certain what oil was in the bike from the distributor, but the clutch has slipped so badly it has been unrideable. I recently drained the original oil after about 4 hours on the bike and tried ATF, Dexron III, but doesn't seem much better. Maybe this should be more of a tranny flush circuit and try again after another warm run on the engine. Has anyone else struggled with their clutch right from the crate? Am I missing something obvious?
  12. A few points of clarification should be made. I did see a comment suggesting that the directors of the CMA and WTC, need to be changed to get trials back on track. Again I can not speak for the WTC, but I am a 3rd year director on the CMA board and on the Executive committee. The CMA board has elections annually and if you are that unhappy with the current crop, or the crop in 2015, a simple nomination and vote, will correct that, or would have corrected that. The process is democratic and transparent. I have participated in every board and AGM meeting and Executive meeting, since my promotion to that committee in December of 2015. Trials is being represented and is of the greatest interest to the entire CMA, board. The TAC makes recommendations and submits reports of a regular basis, in which the board discusses and moves on, with the exception of rule changes, which are called for from the general membership and can be commented on, again for all board members to read and vote on. We could use an active maritime Rep. on the board, if you know anyone Michael. It would be a great way to affect the changes your community of riders desire, while ensuring the international bridge to the FIM for eastern Canada. I did make comments of my reservations for a sanctioning body that is financed by industry. That should not read sponsorship. I love sponsorship. I have actively courted sponsorship as a rider and still do as an event organizer. The direction of sport should be controlled by the riders and organizers, for there is no sport without the riders and organizers. If the future of trials is in the hand of Suzuki and BMW, what might that look like? Both great brands, but not necessarily for trials in Canada. Being a proper resident of Saskatchewan, home of the Greatest Canadian, Tommy Douglas, I encourage you all to youtube his Mouseland Speech. If we are going to get political, we might as well go all the way and draw the comparisons. Unfortunately when some of our old guard takes away the path to top level international competition, or fails to see our sport through the eyes of a 10 year old, we are failing the future. Of course not everyone is going to make it to the FIM World Championships, but by eliminating the connection all together is surely not the answer. It was mentioned how well all the fringe promoters/ governing bodies are doing in Canada. Has anyone asked why we Canadian motorcycle riders have fallen so far behind internationally since they splintered? We use to host world rounds every second year and be able to have a home entry of 6 - 8 Canadian riders, with ease. Now we don't have the strength, or unity to host world rounds, or have riders capable of riding the "A" line. When I was on my first trip to Europe to ride FIM World Trials, I would pick up papers and magazines weekly and read about the different FIM events going on at the same time and there were at least 2 other Canadians in various parts of Europe, doing what I was doing, in varying disciplines at the very same time. Since our splintering we have steadily become less competitive at an international level, in all disciplines. Sure in some disciplines riders can make money and never leave Canada, but should that be the goal of any sport? It is great for a promoter, not great for sport. This of course is more geared to young riders and our sport 5, 10, 15 years from now. Trials and the CMA can not work like an organization that is going to be exactly what you, or your club needs, if clubs and members are not participating fully in it. We can't expect a Toni Bou to emerge in Canada, if we don't build a structure to nurture that rider, when he, or she discovers the sport. If we just build a sport that is meant to satisfy the +35 crowd, it will soon be a sport for a +40 crowd. The good news is that we don't have active promoters involved in trials yet and we are all organizing at a grassroots level, we are all volunteers, with trusted communities behind us. We could easily be working on a common goal and have a nation wide unified sport, where lots of bikes are sold for our importers, the sportsman riders can enjoy riding well organized events, with their friends and children. Our young riders can have an eye on the Bou's and Raga's of the day and know their is a clear path to where they are. Lastly good luck to our national team in Isola 2000. It is a fantastic honour for them and for us to be represented by such a great group of riders. Derek T
  13. I apologize. I typed that on my smartphone with paragraph breaks, not sure why it came out like that. It really wasn't a single breath rant. Cheers
  14. I generally do not join in on these conversations, as I am on th CMA executive committee and am the current CMA Rep, for the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. I am not here as an official of the CMA, but as a trials rider of 35 years. In my younger years I benefited and enjoyed from the services of the CMA. I was able to ride world championship events, hosted in Canada and earn an FIM license to compete abroad for several years. They provided me with the technical support, contacts and advice to allow to establish myself in Europe. The service that has been weakened, since I utilized it, but I hope will remain, while young riders in my club aspire to ride abroad, as I did. In later years they provided me with the guidance and support to start a trials club in a province that had never had one. The fees are shockingly low, for the support provided in expanding Trials into a new territory. I know several strong supporters of the WTC well and consider them friends. I wouldn't want to speak on why they may not wish to support the CMA. I value the fact that CMA is not for profit and is composed entirely of riders and organizers. The Board of directors is completely composed of the people who practice, or organize motorcycle activities and sports. Nobody can personally gain financially from decisions made by the Board. This makes exempt promoters, importers and dealers of motorcycle equipment, from holding such positions. The financial model of the CMA is based completely on membership, affiliation, training and sanction fees. All very low in the big picture of fees. Thus the riders fund this organization and direct the organization with their input. Good governance, safety and equality are forefront of what most members aspire to achieve, when proposing changes to rules and sporting code. As pointed out above by Michael, the WTC is backed by the WEC, who is backed by the MCC. This model makes me uncomfortable. Partly because entities who stand to make money off sport are governing the sport. Can money making entities be trusted to have the best interest of rider safety, course safety, good governance, if it mean less sales? It feels a little bit like the Wolf is guarding the henhouse. Secondly with players like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki on th MCC, would small industry trials manufacturers like JotaGas, Vertigo, TRS, be able to direct the direction of MCC $$$, to build trials, if the CMA is gone . Industry is now controlling sport? Until Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki can sell 100,000 units each, annually of their latest trials models, why would they invest heavily, in our sport, when they can just sponsor MX, in a sport they still command large market share. I don't doubt the dedication of the trials people on the ground supporting the WTC. I particularly find it interesting how Michael's Maritime club has developed, as our SFTA club is roughly the same age. I just question the motives of an organization that has so many veils, to realize it is industry driven and maybe has no interest in the growth of and survival of Trials, but rather the destruction of a rider based organization, the CMA. In turn they tell us they are supporting riders, then why not support the CMA, who has no veils of who they represent and have 70 years of service to back them up?
  15. Thank you for the support. I am moving down to Bengough for the next week, to put the finishing touches on the biggest event we have ever hosted. Rider reaction has been great and I hope the sections ride how I anticipate. I hope everyone who attends takes the time to just sit and watch the sunrise, or sunset over the Big Muddy Badlands. It is breath taking. Like watching a painting unfold in front of you. the entire region is eager to see the sport they have adopted in 2016. Hotel is full and the all the services sites are gone in the park. Should be a great atmosphere. Check out our facebook page. We have lots of pictures on there. It simply isn't possible to capture the depth and pitch of the sections. I hope to see lots of pictures and videos shared, after all the work. See everyone in a few days.
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