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Itsa ! :)


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Worn ball on actuator rod , too long of a extension on actuator arm , worn actuator pivot in case , stretchy cable , non domino levers ...And there are a few more , aka gear oil , Silkoline light or redline is all I've ever got great performance out of in the fantics   .Both work great  , but after seeing some of redlines attributes after use and dis assembly , I'm kinda fond of that slippery stuff. Trust me , if and when Bob ever gets inside the section , he'll hate it , can't get the redline green slime off anything . solvent tank or not ... Seriously slippery/ adhering stuff . My 240 had a drastic change in low speed shiftability after a hour or two of riding / use  ...

But silkolene made a drastic difference when I first started using that too . after working all the ATF out of my bike .


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