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Another Newbie From Warwickshire


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Hi everybody,


I'm not that new to trials as my son has been doing it for a couple of years now.

I've always been into road bikes and have owned them since 16yrs old ( RD50M ). Floated in and out ever since , but currently have a fair selection of toys. Both runners and project.

My son is 10yrs old and started messing around on the local farm with a pw50 at 5yrs old. He's moved through a ty80, a very brief spell on a ty80 whitehawk  and currently does the white route at Earl Shilton on his GasGas Rookie.

Now, i'm sure most of you will understand that I obviously had to get a bike to ride with him on practice days and that bike was a Suzuki 250 Beamish. Had It for three years now , it's been a brilliant bike but very hard work to ride, so it's now gone.

I'm a bit stuck what to replace it with , so i'll be starting a new thread on another part of the forum.


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