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20 Inch Mod Frame Advice.

bobber job

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Hi my son 12 is wanting to get into mod 20 inch trials bikes, he has had a 26 inch onza spyrogula "spelling". a few years now and wants to trey a 20 inch.

  Now my nephew buys and sells a few police auction bikes from time to time, and gets the occasional stolen recovered unclaimed trials bikes and parts stashes .

 Typicaly he has few parts at this moment, but he has three nearly complete bikes, my son can have the pick of for free.

 Now all seem about the same condition wise one has no front brake and one has a hole in the back tyre.

  So all seem prety equal on quality.

  Now he three bikes are as folows . base TA20 with a round tube lover frame tube quite clean good tyres

 Another base ta 20 or t 20 this has the squarish bottom tube frame. And finaly there is an onza t pro its probably the scrufiest of the bunch but is tight and tyres are good.

 What is the best frame in these three he is not into street riding , and will just be using it as a back yard toy with a view to breaking out into a 20 inch bike.

  Sorry for the long winded post but have explained these three bikes nd their history  background as clearly as i can.

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Well just thought i would keep you up to speed on what the lad did re the Trials bike.

 We went down to collect the base as we outlined, and then on arival  the nephew mentioned he had another trials bike he picked up the day before, the lad rode it and imediatly decided he wanted that,  Cant find anything on this bike much. its an ASHTON JUSTICE 20  its got a mudguard come seat thing on it looks a bit gimikey but it suits the lad vand he is loving it, the worieng thing is he seems to be reading lots about these things now, and looking at some of the prices, i couild probably buy another used  sherco 125  for him . :wall:

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