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Hi geurn,


Without knowing which part of the world you are located in - because like so many machines, the spec. etc., as supplied varied continent by continent - it is difficult to know how best to offer help - but as a starter here is a photograph of the creator of the Dalesman models, Peter Edmondson, trying out one of the early models in a Yorkshire Centre team trial in February 1967.




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I took this picture of a Daleman Lynx with Sachs 125 engine at a Ringwood Schoolboy Scrambles Club meeting at Matchams Park in the mid-70s, probably 1976 or 1977. I've never been much good at photography! I did have a Dalesman Sachs of my own at the time but don't have any pictures. It was a separate tank and seat in contract to this one.


Good luck with your rebuild. It would be nice to see some pictures sometime.

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ajsm18 thank you, that is my exact bike although sold here in the states. Mine is a six speed Puch instead of the Sachs and there are a few important pieces missing in the motor. There have been a couple of partial engines on ebay but out of my price range.  

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You're welcome, geurn. My friend had a Puch-engined Dalesman when I had mine. Unfortunately, the chain jumped off the gearbox sprocket and wrapped itself around it, forcing the gear lever shaft away and cracking the crankcase!


I imagine spares aren't very plentiful for either Puch or Sachs engined bikes but I thought there was a dealer in the states somewhere.

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