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  1. I had problems with my 2005 pro Ducati ignition. I replaced the whole lot with a Kokusan system and had no more issues. Before that I did swap out most of the system with known good components to no avail. I was lucky in that I got everything including loom and flywheel very cheaply
  2. I had the short one on my Majesty and didn't really notice any difference apart from being less prone to damage over the stock one. I did enquire about the long one but was told they are only available for the 175/200, although I have seen a 320 with one fitted. Short pipe is supposed to sharpen up the bottom end and long give more low down grunt.
  3. Helicopter tape, i use it on the frame where boots rub
  4. I used to get all my bits from the Tryals shop back in the day
  5. petert

    Dellortto vhst b

    Eurocarb nr Reading are the Dellorto importer
  6. Eurocarb near Reading are Dellorto importer or even Scooter Assasins have a lot of bits for them
  7. OZO from Bultaco UK are a good reasonable price set of shocks and yes the do make a difference
  8. A trip to your local hydraulic hose supplier seems in order. They would probably be able to make a complete new house for not too many pennies.
  9. Hughie, you need to get yourself along to one of the Surrey Youth trials on a Sat. They have an adult trial in the morning, pretty easy. There are a few of the adults that are/were in the same situation as you are now. One that springs to mind is Jim Collins who actually organises the adult event. He has only been riding trials for a year or 2 after many years messing about with cars on track days! He is an older chap like myself (64) so you are a spring chicken by comparison. I only restarted a few years ago after a 30 year lay off, wife thought I was mad starting again just about to hit 60! Mind you I used to ride with Rich's dad back in the day when he was knee high to a grasshopper.
  10. Alexz is already running schools, a mate had a day of one to one with him last week. He did say that if he did it again he would do it in a group (plus it works out cheaper!) as he found the one on one a bit much to take in one go!
  11. Yes to all the above! It may well be a bit sticky
  12. There is a trials section squirreled away on the Mortimer site, they are normally on a Saturday.
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