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  1. petert


    IRC are the only tube type rear I can think of
  2. they were both 6 speed so that isn't an indication, but I believe the 200 (actually 173cc) will fit
  3. frame is a 200 engine is a 125, looks like someone has swopped engines at some stage in it's life.
  4. InMotion are closed this week due to a staff member having to self isolate
  5. But, Pete you are about 4 stone soaking wet!
  6. A Scorpa SY250 with the Yamaha engine would be perfect for a beginner as it is nice and forgiving. Bonus is you should get a nice example for less than 2k
  7. Might be a bit harder to find, but a 350x18 used to availble
  8. I do the opposite! Heavy end in first, then front. What ever you find easiest I suppose
  9. A lot of the clubs down my way have limited number events (SE centre) 40-50 riders seems the norm and this in a lot of cases is due to restricted parking at venues because of the extra space that has to be left between vehicles. I am a member of 3 clubs, one in each of my bordering areas (SE, Southern and So Midland) and only one of the 3 have run any events as yet. Please bear in mind that a vast number of the organisers are older members (70+) and may not feel comfortable exposing themselves to a large number of people outside of their "bubble". It strikes me as being an ideal situation to get a few of the younger members to step up and run events until things settle down, maybe they will have a little more respect for the current organisers and appreciate the effort involved! I could probably join 1 or 2 more local clubs just to ride but I feel that is a bit silly in the long run. Faussy, have you tried calling the club secretary of you old club and talking to them? After all you are renewing and not a new member per se. I think the no new member thing is more aimed at my statement in the last sentence of the above paragraph.
  10. does this motor have dowels on the studs? Is so maybe the seal has been omitted
  11. Have you tried your local Yamaha dealer? They may be the same as some other model. Failing that, is there a US version of Yambits? Other than that Cambs Trials Centre in UK
  12. Is there a washer missing?
  13. petert

    Ty 80

    451-000101 to 100000 451 TY80A 1974 451-100101 to 200000 451 TY80B 19 75 451-200101 200800 451 TY 80 1983 451-201101 210000 451 TY 80 1983
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