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  1. I had problems with my 2005 pro Ducati ignition. I replaced the whole lot with a Kokusan system and had no more issues. Before that I did swap out most of the system with known good components to no avail. I was lucky in that I got everything including loom and flywheel very cheaply
  2. I had the short one on my Majesty and didn't really notice any difference apart from being less prone to damage over the stock one. I did enquire about the long one but was told they are only available for the 175/200, although I have seen a 320 with one fitted. Short pipe is supposed to sharpen up the bottom end and long give more low down grunt.
  3. Helicopter tape, i use it on the frame where boots rub
  4. I used to get all my bits from the Tryals shop back in the day
  5. petert

    Dellortto vhst b

    Eurocarb nr Reading are the Dellorto importer
  6. Eurocarb near Reading are Dellorto importer or even Scooter Assasins have a lot of bits for them
  7. OZO from Bultaco UK are a good reasonable price set of shocks and yes the do make a difference
  8. A trip to your local hydraulic hose supplier seems in order. They would probably be able to make a complete new house for not too many pennies.
  9. Hughie, you need to get yourself along to one of the Surrey Youth trials on a Sat. They have an adult trial in the morning, pretty easy. There are a few of the adults that are/were in the same situation as you are now. One that springs to mind is Jim Collins who actually organises the adult event. He has only been riding trials for a year or 2 after many years messing about with cars on track days! He is an older chap like myself (64) so you are a spring chicken by comparison. I only restarted a few years ago after a 30 year lay off, wife thought I was mad starting again just about to hit 60! Mind you I used to ride with Rich's dad back in the day when he was knee high to a grasshopper.
  10. Alexz is already running schools, a mate had a day of one to one with him last week. He did say that if he did it again he would do it in a group (plus it works out cheaper!) as he found the one on one a bit much to take in one go!
  11. Yes to all the above! It may well be a bit sticky
  12. There is a trials section squirreled away on the Mortimer site, they are normally on a Saturday.
  13. I suspect that is for bleeding the cooling system. Remove the bolt clean around the area thoroughly and replace using a new copper washer
  14. I am exactly the same! Forma Boulder & Alpine Star TechT have been the best but they still don't close perfectly. I just live with it. I would not recommend wearing ankle boots at all, no protection. Don't get me started on the sizing of clothing!
  15. Guard the rear mudguard (fender) and airfilter with your life, they are made from unobtainium. The setup was peculiar to the 2000 model and poss 2001
  16. petert


    IRC are the only tube type rear I can think of
  17. they were both 6 speed so that isn't an indication, but I believe the 200 (actually 173cc) will fit
  18. frame is a 200 engine is a 125, looks like someone has swopped engines at some stage in it's life.
  19. InMotion are closed this week due to a staff member having to self isolate
  20. But, Pete you are about 4 stone soaking wet!
  21. A Scorpa SY250 with the Yamaha engine would be perfect for a beginner as it is nice and forgiving. Bonus is you should get a nice example for less than 2k
  22. Might be a bit harder to find, but a 350x18 used to availble
  23. I do the opposite! Heavy end in first, then front. What ever you find easiest I suppose
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