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Stator Ohm Query Rev 4T


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Hi all, I have a 2008 rev 4T without a spark. It hasn't been started for a few months, Started (after a lot of kicking) last week, ran for about 30 seconds and died as soon as I let it drop to idle.

I have checked, and rechecked, and I am definitely not getting a spark. I have isolated the ignition system entirely and still no spark.

I am thinking it's the stator, The lighting end seems fine (can get the fan spinning ,and a light working) when kicking it over.

Just wondering does anybody know the resistance values for this Bike. I am getting 16 ohms across the ignition coil, which seems fairly low.

By the way the stator has 2 ignition coils and another 10 coils for the lighting circuit.

Also getting nothing across the pulse wires.

If anybody can let me know what the values should be I would appreciate it very much, as I don't really want to send the stator across to the UK for rewinding if it's not the problem.



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Just to follow up on this.

I spoke to Bradford Ignitions and he he seems fairly certain it's the pulse coil that's gone. I have sent it off to him and will let you know how it works out.


By the way, that Evo 4t stator looks a lot simpler than the Rev 4. I have 12 coils.....2 for ignition and the rest for the lighting circuit.

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