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Oset 20 (2015) Lite - 36V To 48V Upgrade With Lipo's

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Hi Everyone,


I've been wanting to upgrade my sons 36v lite to Lipo.  Knowing the stock motor fitted is 1200w 48v (advertised as running at 900w on 36v) I knew there was no issue with the motor.  I have electrical knowledge but not very much expertise with regards to electronics.


I do all this knowing that one by one I may have to replace the controller and other componets etc.


Having installed the LIPO's charged to 48v and switching on the machine, I heard the relay click but then nothing.  No burnt out controller. I tried the 36v batteries back in and everything worked fine.


I know the throttle's can be voltage specific so have ordered the 48v version.


Just plugged it in, the battery meter works fine but again, nothing, not a twitch from the motor.


I've again switched throttles back to 36v and put the 36v batteries back on and everything works fine.


I'm now wondering if the existing 36v controller is restricting the voltage.  I had wondered if the controller was the same as in the 48v

bike but now have my reservations.


I am happy to order a controller but just in case I was missing something daft thought I would ask here amongst all you

knowledgeable people.


The bike is in every way the same as the 48v 20 bike but running at 36v.


I have read about many people upgrading to LIPOs but same voltage conversions and I know amongst the scootering community

many people have one from 24v to 36v to 48v.


Any advice greatly welcomed.





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Sounds like it could be a controller issue.

I don't have experience with the Osets, can you plug the controller into your computer to view the settings? Maybe they have the factory overvoltage setting to just over 36 Volts to restrict the use of higher voltage packs.  


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"Lite" model  comes with 36V controller and 48V motor,  controller is not programmable so it has to be replaced.   

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