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  1. I would say yes. If you take the top cover off, all the wires are zip tied at the front right behind the head tube. if you cut the zip ties you can relax the wires a fair bit to get more length.
  2. Yeah you can do that Brian. Or, you could get a parallel charge harness for $2 and charge it as a single 5S 20AH pack with one 21V charger. You can safely charge up to 20amps with that capacity, so might be worth spending a little more money since you're only getting one charger and get one that outputs 10-20amps. - Brandon
  3. Sounds like it could be a controller issue. I don't have experience with the Osets, can you plug the controller into your computer to view the settings? Maybe they have the factory overvoltage setting to just over 36 Volts to restrict the use of higher voltage packs.
  4. Hey Dan, The main difference for 2017 was the addition of a flywheel weight to the main drive gearing. This really smooth's out the bikes bottom end power, allowing more traction, and also more momentum up long hill climbs. I have ridden the 2015, 2016, and 2017 versions, and this is by far the most refined model yet. Any other questions feel free to ask - Brandon
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