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Scrambling at Cuerden Park


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Many moons ago I had an enquiry about photographs of scrambling, particularly at Cuerden Park near Preston in the 1980s.   Well I've now reached the stage of cataloguing the archive where I'm adding images taken by my friend and colleague, Bob Light, at a British Championship event at Cuerden in May 1986.

Trouble is I no longer have any programme or entry list details, so identifying the riders is almost impossible.

Can anyone remember whether riders carried the same numbers all season back then, or was every meeting different - and if numbers were constant through the year - has anyone a copy of any programme of any meeting back then, 'cos I'm just about to start on a whole series from Thirsk, Sutton Bank, Boltby, Oulton Park, etc.

Meantime - here's one of the previously unpublished images for you to enjoy...........

default 40.jpg

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I raced at Cuerdon several times mid to late 1980s. i thinks its now been filled in to for a new motorway / bypass. ACU British championship and support championship riders generally had a number indicating their position in the previous years championship.

At AMCA events regular AMCA riders rode with their number for that season. Visitors from other clubs / occasional riders were given a number on the day or allocated a few days before.

Stuart Bland of Lancaster or his son may be able to help with the info you need, Hillary may have his contact details.

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number 3 was kurt nicoll and number 5 was mervyn anstie,

you are correct that the bike number was the position they finished in the championship the previous year ,for  both the support and main championship,

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