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Vauxhall Agila

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Hi guys,

sorry, newbie question.

Ive searched and cannot see an answer in old topics but does anyone know if a trials bike will fit in the back of an old Vauxhall Agila?

I have the chance to pick one of those up cheaply and wonder if I'll be able to fit a bike in the rear with the back seats taken out?

unfortunately I don't have a bike yet so cannot try this out before committing!

Would this fit if I remove the front wheel from the bike?

thanks all!

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Before I got a proper trials rider's car like a Berlingo I was without a trailer for a while. I used to remove back wheel and slip the forks and wheel out to fit the bike in an Astra hatchback, so anything is possible if you can stand the messing about but you don't really want to be doing that.

My Doblo has a load area 1600 by 1200 wide; the bike sits diagonally and just fits. I don't know how long the Agila is but it looks narrow so there may not be enough width to get a sufficient angle to fit a bike in.

Sorry I can't give specific advice but the above might be a guide for you if nobody replies.

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