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James Dabill and Jack Price coming to Canada

steve fracy

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I am extremely excited to announce that we have arranged to have James Dabill and Jack Price to come to Ioco BC on August 5-6 to host a 2 day trial school. This is the weekend after the TrialGP event in Arizona USA. This is a chance of a lifetime to have 2 riders of this caliber in our backyard to train with and ride with. All the details will be available soon on the club website where riders can book their spot. They wont last long so I advise to jump at it right away.  www.trialsbc.com

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Just an update on the James Dabill/ Jack Price school happening this weekend. There are only a few spots left, but thankfully the guys have said that no one will be turned away. If you are still interested in attending, you can show up on the day with your money and you will be able to spend the day with 2 of the top riders in the world. Both James and Jack rode really well in Kingman AZ this past weekend and it was a real treat for us Canadians in attendance to witness it all. Don't miss out on a chance of a lifetime to get some tips from these great riders.



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Well what an absolute pleasure it was to have James and Jack here in Ioco last weekend to do their schools, The group was split into Junior/int level and Adv/Exp levels. This way each group was able to spend a half day with each of the guys. You could not meet two more personable people In Jack and James, and everyone who attended not only got some good instruction but also shared some good laughs throughout the day. It was really an experience no one will ever forget and I think its true to say that the guys have gained many new fans here. Thank you to everyone who attended, the CPTA club for hosting the event, and James Dabill and Jack Price for extending there stay in North America after the TrialGP event in Arizona and coming up to Canada for this.



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