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Help with rear wheel Sherpa ty250

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i am very new to the trial s bike world and I was wondering if someone could help me.

i have been told that there are others makes of rear wheels that will fit my bike as the hub on the sprocket side is broken and I need a new one but I just want to buy a replacement wheel as it is easier.

any help would be great.

i have a 2002 Scorpa SY250.


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This one had me confused as the title says Sherpa and TY250 leading me to first get confused as to if looking for a wheel for a Bultaco Sherpa or a Yamaha TY. but it apperas that what is required is a rear wheel for a Scorpa SY250.

Sorry unable to help.

Should we ask a moderator/admin to move this from the Bultaco section to the Scorpa section?


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