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Crusader / Bullet - forks advice please

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Hi Im new to this site-

I am building a Crusader trials bike with 500 Bullet engine.


I would like some advice on forks, please. 

1-    1 -  Indian bullet forks with ali top yoke- will go straight on and i have a set

2-      2 - 35mm MZ forks- I have a set but no yokes

3-      3 - Crusader forks - any good?


option 1 would be the easiest route but I don’t know what it would handle like.  Im no expert but I do want it to steer properly.

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated. the forks dont need to be authentic as its an Indian Bullet engine.


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Bullet forks are pre-65. I am not shure about the MZ forks?

For modern steering you need 20-22 degree headstock angle and a front wheel spindle that sits 60-65mm in front of headstock centerline. This will give you a proper rake with a 21" trials front wheel

You can use parallel yokes with (1)all offset in the yokes. (2) Yokes with part of the offest in the yokes and the rest in the lower fork legs (like modern bikes) or (3)nonparallel yokes.

Bultaco Sherpa use a combination of (2) and (3).

I use a modified (replica) Crusader frame (20 degree angle), Ceriani forks (1961 type) and my own nonparallel yokes for a front wheel spindle offset of 65mm and I think it steers well.



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But... ..would not an Indian Bullet engine be considered as pre-65? I think they should. And to gain ground clearence you should cut the oil filter away.

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