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  1. carl ekblom

    Ford Connect L2 or Citroen Dispatch

    I have been thinking of buying one. I want to transport two bikes and they run really good. But is there a reliability problem? Will the maintenance be very expencive?
  2. carl ekblom

    Casing numbers on 1961 Cub.

    Perhaps identification of the mould plugs?
  3. carl ekblom

    Where to find Beta Evo 2010 125 spare parts?

  4. carl ekblom

    Betor dampers

    Looks OK to me
  5. carl ekblom

    Swm 125 fork problem

    I don´t know about your forks but there can be a short spring working in the opposite direction preventing problems with bangs when fully extending the forks. Ought to be some form of device, hydraulic or mechanical.
  6. carl ekblom

    Foam air filter spray?

    I use Castrol Filter Oil Spray. Have done so for at least 10 years. It gets very sticky and will effectively stop dust and particles. I have found 1 Not to use too much and only at outside of air filter. 2 Let it dry before starting the engine. If wet it can be sucked into small passages in the carb and make problem. I spray the day before I go out with motorcycle. I think it is a very good product but takes some care to use.
  7. carl ekblom

    Bleeding brakes

    Interesting. Thanks
  8. carl ekblom

    199A running refurb.

    About the countersunk screw....When rounded sometimes you can take a hammer and bang in a torx bits. Not perfect but can work.
  9. carl ekblom

    Sherpa 250 T clutch spring setting

    To get correct setting I use steel lock nuts (not nylock). Locking wire is not needed. Much easier.
  10. carl ekblom

    Bultaco 199A Ingition

    Might be of interest. I have one Femsa flywheel for 340 marked VAR 41-52 and one for 250 marked VAR 41-51
  11. carl ekblom

    BSA Conical hub shoes.

    Perhaps try these people https://www.feked.com/triumph-bsa-front-brake-shoes-6-conical-hub-tr5t-tr25w-b25-b50mx-b50t.html
  12. carl ekblom

    Montesa 315r oko carb

    I bought mine for Bultaco from here http://www.mid-atlantictrials.com/Sales.html. Works well on Bultaco Sherpa. They have one kit for Montesa 315
  13. carl ekblom

    2T Petroil mix

    v1nn1e: Your calculation is correct 1.5% is what I use for trials two strokes or 75ml/5 litre Or Aspen 2-stroke petrol which is 2%. /Carl
  14. carl ekblom

    Sherpa 198 Amal mk 2 carb settings

    I don´t know about Bultaco Amal settings but a slide with no 1 opening.......That sounds incredibly rich. I think something between 2,5-3,5 would be normal. Throttle opening comes into effect just above idle and flattens out at approx 1/4 of opening where needle and needle jet is more important. I see Inmotion list thottle valves with 2,5 to 4 openings.
  15. carl ekblom

    Spark Plug Gap with Electrex

    I use Electrex Bultaco ignition and Champion N11YC at 0.6mm. No problem att all so far Carl