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Okay, I think I'm about ready for the new bits to be tried

New method for managing TC Supporter account available from top menu bar. As far as I'm aware all TC Supporters have been recreated under the new system with the correct expiry dates, but the old one was in a bit of a mess. Anyone who thinks they should be a TC Supporter, but are not showing as such, use the Support link in the menu to let me know and I'll check it out.

New Classifieds System in and again accessible from the menu bar. I still have to tidy it a bit cosmetically, but it's hard to do that with no Ads in it. I'll leave both Classified systems running for a week or so before switching the old one off. Note that Ads on the old system will NOT be migrated across. No automatic way of doing it and far too much work to do it manually. Oh, and the Classifieds can only handle British Pounds currency at the moment. I'm still scratching my head over fixing that one.

Part of the functionality now includes a method for dealing with and tracking Support requests so I'll give that a try. Issues with the new features or anything else forum related, use the Support link in the menu bar. Please do not use it for "Where can I get xxxx for my bike?", "Where can I ride?" etc etc. I get enough of that by email.

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