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2014 4RT poor rear brake

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10 hours ago, Nebulous said:

“Gold Fren Ceramic Carbon”? Was late at night , and it just sounded expensive to me. Thanks for putting me straight.  All that glitters is not Gold I guess.   But whatever the pad’s pedigree - it didn’t really stand a chance of success anyway.  Guess my next question would then be - why install such cheap muck on a 4RT? And then why post on here when it doesn’t work with a scored-disc , that has been prepared with grit?

As for the water-treatment - I would be concerned about quickly cooling any metal parts. Such as the plates of those pads , and especially the caliper itself - when wrapped around a freshly retracted red-hot piston. Not to mention the disc itself.  Any “professionals” doing this in the field- I would point-out that whilst it may be a quick fix - don’t forget that they have a shed-load of new parts to slap-on the bike later.

I’ll respectfully change “Twaddle” to “Inadvisable” - and impractical for long-term integrity and performance.

It works and isn't dangerous in my experience. No different to crossing a stream at the foot of a long descent 

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Many thanks for all the replies.  I have a number of things I can try now.


Your help is much appreciated.



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O.K.  I ran my Montesa up and down the road for around 5 mins with the rear brake slightly on.  It felt like it was biting a bit better and the disc just started going a very light straw colour!

I then dowsed it with a watering can full of water until completely cooled.  This transformed the  brake and it now easily locks the back wheel on tarmac with only a light application of the back brake.

If fact it worked so well, I repeated the excercise on the front brake!  Again, it made a significant improvement.

Thanks guys. :-)

I hope this thread may come in useful to others with the same issue.



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