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Advice on buying a Vertigo


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@Nebulous Wow, thanks for response, very helpful and confirmed some of my own thoughts! 

I will stick a Wanted Ad up on here and hold out for a 17 Ice Hell 250 like you say. It's certainly my favourite of the bunch within my price range! 

Just out of interest, what's the reasoning behind avoiding bikes from further North? 

Would certainly appreciate the heads up if you see anything, thank you. 

Ps... I also spoke to the seller of the southern machine and thought the exact same thing as you. Very shady sale indeed and the excitement of a potential Vertigo did almost tempt me to go check it out. Missed a star buy with the machine in Newcastle, but I know patience is the key here. 

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11 hours ago, Nebulous said:

Oh Ps.

There actually were two Ice Hell 250’s on ebay. One from Newcastle , the other quite near me in the Ipswich area.   The northern machine was millionare owned from new , and was hardly used - since the guy had several bikes , and changed them like underpants. He’d passed it on to a friend that serviced it , and put it up for sale.  Fantastic deal. Immaculate condition. 12 megapixel photos , with intense David Bailey close-ups and angles that flattered the bike’s natural lines. The guy was happy to discuss the deal , and send more pics of other bikes he’d worked on - in fact an enjoyable evening’s massaging on the iPad - with no pressure from him , except the offer to split the cost of long-distance delivery.

The southern machine was claimed to be used only once or twice before injury. The guy then admitted on the phone that it had been bought from someone else , who’s usage and skill-level was unclear. Cosmetically it was as fuzzy as the pics themselves.  In this day and age , no-one takes fuzzy pics with smartphones.  Wear and scuffs were evident , and maintainance was an unknown.  He was 15 miles away from me , and could deliver that evening.

Both were the same price!

The northern guy knew the bike would sell itself - to someone that wanted a tip-top machine.    The southern guy was relying on someone coming and seeing the bike , and hopefully being ignorant enough ( and blinded by the presence of a real Vertigo in the flesh) to become emotionally attached , and part with the money.  Big , big difference.  


All this talk of Ice Hells makes me love mine even more!!!

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