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Hebo number board fuel tank


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Has anybody tried fitting one of these ?? Just ran out of fuel miles from anywhere lol had given away my spare litre on my back. Had a the tank on my old Montesa but lack fuel cap breather on 2017 250 ice hell made me just give it away when I sold monty ?

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You can fit the Hebo 1L fuel tank on the headstock to a Vertigo with a few mods. You will probably need to re-locate the map switch and LED to somewhere else to fit the tank. Block the Vertigo fuel cap breather and make a new tank top breather bush from a short 12mm M8 hex head bolt, turned flat on top, centre drill then drill out to 4.20mm and thread M5 through the bolt centre. Get a GG or Ossa gearbox elbow and thread the end of this M5 and screw into the M8 "bush" with PTFE tape. There is a handy spot to drill and thread the top of the Vertigo fuel tank to take the M8 bush, we have a drawing somewhere to show this but you should be able to find a good spot. Run a decent petrol proof breather hose from the new vent to the Hebo tank outlet. The Hebo tank has a breather itself. When you are not using the Hebo tank, fit a ball check valve to the breather hose end to allow air to enter the tank. A very good friend worked this out initially. Bye, Peter B.

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6 hours ago, sprinter 27 said:

Just have an elbow installed in the fuel cap , retro fitted the map switch and leds into the bar pad . Fairly simple in all .  My only disappointment in Vertigo is the fuel economy , with the small tank and injection it’s always the first bike to run out of fuel 


Do you have a picture of said elbow?? Have been playing with ideas with diff things around garage and came to idea there was no room under fuel flap ??

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Hi all , since last set up have had a new and improved version more secure and safe , Reece Talbot is the man responsible for 3D printing an insert ,which fits into the inside of petrol cap which the extra 8mm fuel pipe goes through a filed out 7mm hole on cap to the inside, then pushed through the insert and the insert is then pushed into the inside of of the cap . Make sense lol ??

pics to follow with pipe attached 

pics shown are Reece’s 



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Just bought a 2022 vertigo 300 and would like to install an aux tank.   I like this 3d printed piece you guys came up with.   How do I get the file so I can print one out? Or would someone here print one for me? 


On 1/21/2019 at 11:53 PM, Reece Talbot said:

Cheers mate

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