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Mike Brown

TY175 carb on a TY125

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Hi, I’ve been rebuilding a TY125 for some time and have nearly finished, the problem is that the original carb has some serious internal corrosion and I can’t get the bike to run properly. I’ve found an incomplete TY175 carb on eBay but have no idea what main jet size to use, the 175 has a 240 main in the bottom of the float bowl while the 125 has a 100 in the conventional position.

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Google search TY 125 carb, there you will find a suitable replacement. Main jet is 100 for ty125 as you state. Any carb will do if correctly matched jet wise and choke size. Tyoffroad have a carb that could replace your worn out item around £85.00 you may need to change the jets though to suit smaller engine. I’m sure other suppliers could match up a carb to fit, the worlds your oyster!

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