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Annoying the neighbours: which are louder 2T or 4T?

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"Four stroke by a mile. Two strokes can sound a bit more intrusive but they are nowhere near as loud and the sound carries much further. Of course there will be exceptions but the 4RT is loud. Don't know about the beta. "

I agree with this, we had a property owner who let us ride on his land. Noise was never an issue until I bought a 4rt, then land owner was concerned about noise because of the Montesa.

 "Starting in 2018 the standard Beta 4T is no longer the quiet sewing machine that it used to be."

I agree with this also. I don't know if it's the year, or the difference in the Factory version. But the older std Beta 4t were SUPER quiet. A new Factory one in the area, not the case, it's rather obnoxious.

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