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How Do You Enter A Club Team?


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Physco - I despair! Licenses, team entries...how many times have you ridden this trial?!!!! :beer:

Team entries can be made on the day - there will be a table as you go in ,on the left of the registration tables as you look at them, which will have spare signing on forms (for all the numpties that don't bother taking theirs with them!) and blank team entry forms - we even take pens along for you!

You can also submit a team earlier than that if you want - the team awards that can be won this year will be listed at the end of the supplementary regulations. These regs should be available for download in early February, at which point I'll open the team entries on the SSDT website too.

When you enter your team doesn't matter - as long as it's entered before 7.30am on Monday morning, you're sorted. :D

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