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A Nice Find

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Was doing a bit of a clear out over the Christmas and New Year, basically making room for some ongoing projects. So amongst all the usual bits and pieces I unearthed my original Owners Manual from my very first Trials bike, my 199 Sherpa T. So I put it aside carefully and said I'll have a good at that later. 

So I'm leafing through it last night and what do I find only the original Certificate of Date of Sale, which I didn't know was even in it. As you can see the bike was originally sold in Oct 1977, I bought the bike from the original owner in 1979 and kept it until 1985, current whereabouts unknown.

As you can see from the photos below, it's a very early Sherpa 199, it had a fibreglass tank which looked beautiful when brand new, but very fragile. Enjoy the few photos.




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