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Vertigo map switch 2019


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Hi Stefano

The 2018 DL Replica also has a map switch and your post made me sufficiently curious to consult the various Vertigo parts lists. 

Your bike has a V-1323 main wiring loom, and a V-1356 front loom with no mapping switch.

The 2018 DL Replica has the same main loom, but a V-1409 front loom with mapping switch.

The 2019 bike has a different main loom (V-1505), but uses the V-1409 front loom with mapping switch.

All three bikes use the same ECU (V-1320) so in theory you should be able to buy the V-1409 front loom with mapping switch and 'upgrade' your bike, but don't hold me to it!  Is it possible your bike only has one map installed?  You'd have to ask the factory that one.


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I have buy the vertigo wifi box for my bike ECU . It works fine.

What I can see that inside the ECU there are already 2 map and with the smarthphone you can choose map 0 (standard)  or 1 and you can personalize both.

You can do what you want but the bike must be running... It don' t work if the bike is turned off.

I dont know if with external switch you can choose it...

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