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  1. You can use either; I'd use the wider one. The holes and slits help the rubber to form a seal around the exhaust. The way it is shown in your last photo is correct.
  2. Hi Tod, I had a similar problem with a bike that had been standing for a long while and found it was due to the main jet being partially blocked by corrosion. Cheers, Dave
  3. Master cylinder seals are leaking. Remove the circlip to extract the piston. The master cylinder bore could be damaged or worn, but more often than not new seals will cure the problem.
  4. You'll find good technical advice from the manufacturer at https://www.rideformula.com/support/downloads/ Scroll down the page to 'Moto' where you'll find illustrated service guides for Trial 39mm standard or racing fork legs.
  5. lowbrow


    It doesn’t show you the maps but allows you to go up to + or -10% on the fuelling and similar in terms of degrees for the ignition timing. The app won’t let you do anything too radical which is intended to protect the motor. It is possible to make it run badly and I guess if you left it that way it for long enough it could be detrimental.
  6. lowbrow


    The wificom comes with limited instructions. There’s a video showing you how to install it on the Vertigo website but little or nothing about how to use it. I couldn’t find anything for the Vertigo on YouTube either but if you search for KTM or Husqvarna tpi bikes you’ll find plenty of stuff from North America showing you how it works.
  7. lowbrow


    I’ve used the Wificom to adjust the fuelling and ignition timing to achieve a set up I prefer over stock. It also allows me to reset the throttle position sensor and check that the system and sensors are working correctly using the self diagnostics. Basically you can make the fuel/air ratio richer or weaker at different rev ranges and throttle openings to suit your riding style or the characteristics of your motor. You can only make adjustments when the bike is running. I consider it a good investment and source of entertainment.
  8. Looking through the entry list for the SSDT the breakdown of bikes entered is as follows:- Beta 83; Gas Gas 52; Montesa 41; Sherco 31; Vertigo 27; TRS 22; Scorpa 21; Honda 3 and TBA 1. I don't know how this compares with previous years, but a healthy range of manufacturers represented. Isn't it funny the things you do when 'on hold' to British Gas?;
  9. They're free with every new throttle, or can be purchased separately from Chris Pearson at Splatshop.
  10. lowbrow

    Coolant change

    It is easy. All I did with mine was fill the radiator, before lifting the front wheel as high as I could to release air trapped in the water pump and its hoses. Then with the bike level I topped up the radiator again. Do not tighten the radiator cap more than finger tight. Run the motor until the fan comes on and check the coolant level again when cool.
  11. Hi Stefano The 2018 DL Replica also has a map switch and your post made me sufficiently curious to consult the various Vertigo parts lists. Your bike has a V-1323 main wiring loom, and a V-1356 front loom with no mapping switch. The 2018 DL Replica has the same main loom, but a V-1409 front loom with mapping switch. The 2019 bike has a different main loom (V-1505), but uses the V-1409 front loom with mapping switch. All three bikes use the same ECU (V-1320) so in theory you should be able to buy the V-1409 front loom with mapping switch and 'upgrade' your bike, but don't hold me to it! Is it possible your bike only has one map installed? You'd have to ask the factory that one. Cheers
  12. Like Huski says, but there's no earthing involved; just join the two wires together for the 'sunny' setting, or leave them separated if you want 'rain'.
  13. The gear lever travel on a Jotagas is considerable, far more than on any other trials bike I've owned or ridden. Provided your gear lever is still spring loaded and not limp and floppy it's probably normal. Turning the back wheel by hand to help engagement (with a dead motor) can you get all the gears?
  14. I agree, all the manufacturers, except Honda, sell a bike that is virtually identical to the machines the works riders use; the TRRS Gold being the latest example. As we all know Tony Bou is a brilliant rider who has dominated the sport for a dozen years and remains a difficult man to beat; so why impose a minimum weight limit that keeps his bike competitive by stifling the development of rival brands?
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