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RTL silencer


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I've worn a hole in my silence and found a local guy who is able to weld a plate over the hole. He does custom garden furniture, gates, etc. I've seen some of his aluminium welding which looks good. He also said about making sure to use a aluminium-silicon rather than aluminium-magnesium filler for the best quality weld (doesn't mean that much to me). He said that if I get the aluminium sheet, because he doesn't have any that thin, he'll be able to weld it for me. Looking on the internet, there is so much choice but not sure what to get.

What type of aluminium should I get and what thickness?

I was thinking 6082 1.5mm thick, but heard that some types of aluminium is more tricky to weld than other types.

Would appreciate input from someone who is more knowledgeable.

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