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Carb question


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Hi all, I got a TY and have been loving it. At our Trial last weekend it started bogging off idle. I cleaned the carb tonight and when I checked the idle screw it was only a half a turn out. I always think 1 and a half turns is closer to what I use as a standard starting point. I am going to be competing this weekend and just trying to get some input for when I try to tune it up at 8000 feet. Opening that screw is leaning it out and would be the right direction for higher altitudes,Right. Raising the clip one notch will also drop the needle and help also, correct. just need some reassurance as I need a good running bike to compete with these guys that have 7000 dollars into their TY's. I got some good shocks and a couple minor mods and can beat them if my bike runs right.

Thanks for any help given.


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8000 feet ? get ready for a big drop in power. Even 3000 feet which is as high as I go makes a difference to the power. Yes bikes usually benefit from being re-jetted for riding at high altitude. Without knowing how yours is jetted though it is hard to suggest how much to change it for this weekend. I used to go about 3 sizes smaller on the main jet for 3000 feet on a standard TY175 and didn't need to change anything else.

Turning the air screw out makes it leaner at idle. Dropping the needle makes it leaner between 1/4 and 3/4 throttle.



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